Graphite Company
of the Americas

Graphcoa is a U.S. majority-owned and headquartered company that owns high-quality graphite deposits in Brazil.

The company’s vision is to develop multiple high-margin 20,000tpy capacity mining and processing plants.

Each plant will manufacture high-purity graphite products that are integral components in the production of lithium-ion batteries, graphene, refractories, and several other industrial products and applications.


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Graphite has a surging demand as a critical strategic mineral indispensable in the production of batteries.


U.S.-owned with operations in Brazil. Brazil is a longstanding global producer and the third largest source of flake graphite.


Graphcoa is a high-quality flake graphite company with significant geographical and geological advantages.


Graphite has been declared a “strategic mineral” and demand is expected to exceed supply in the near future due to the increasing demand for batteries for electric vehicles and grid storage.

Strategic Mineral

The U.S.A., European Union, and Australia, amongst others, have identified Graphite as a mineral material that is essential to the economic and national security of their regions.  A supply chain disruption of graphite would have significant consequences for the economy and national security.


Due to the expected growth of the battery market, of which Graphite is a major component, Graphite demand is expected to exceed supply starting in 2023. 



Graphite is an essential mineral that will be key to the Electric Vehicle Revolution and grid storage because it is an irreplaceable component in batteries, fuel cells, nuclear reactors, and other industrial applications.

Supply Chain

Many companies and governments are seeking to diversify their supply chain dependence upon China, especially in the Electric Vehicle marketplace, where China currently produces 73% of lithium-ion batteries.


Graphcoa is a U.S.-owned and headquartered company with high-quality graphite deposits in Brazil.

Brazil is the world’s second-largest natural flake graphite producer in 2020 and the main source of graphite in the Western world.  Benefits include:


Ample local, qualified workers in the mineral and engineering sector with competitive average remuneration. Universities with outstanding mining curriculums.


Large domestic consumption of graphite (approximately 5% of global total consumption).


Over 70 years of continuous high-quality graphite production, with mild tropical weather throughout the year and no shutdowns in operations due to inoperable seasonal weather.


Graphcoa is a development-ready project focused on the high-growth high-demand flake graphite market

Graphcoa’s mineral assets are located in the heartland of Brazil’s graphite producing region.

  • Graphcoa has assets within the same geological ore body as Nacional de Grafite, which has the highest average selling price in the world due to the high-quality grades of their products (micronized, coarse and leached products).
  • Located within World Renowned Brazilian Graphite Mining Cluster, with all existent infrastructure in place for mining development and operation, including highly specialized labor, high voltage power line neighboring plant site, and abundant groundwater.
  • First mine will be located 90 minutes from the city of Porto Seguro, a regional hub with multiple regular flights to major cities in Brazil.
  • State and local governments have a history of strong support for mining activities.
  • Graphcoa’s mineral assets are near Brazil’s coast and not far from multiple international shipping ports, accessible over paved highways from mine gate.

Project Highlights

Preliminary Economic Assessment

Has been issued an independent NI 43-101 compliant Preliminary Economic Assessment, dated May 2020.

Portfolio of Assets

Has a portfolio that is ideally suited to produce a wide range of high margin flake graphite products.

Ore Geology

Has ore that is characterized as having a high concentration of jumbo and large (higher value) graphite flakes.

Has the ability to reach large production levels and scale production capacity.

Experienced Team

Is composed of highly experienced management with a proven track record building, operating and commercializing graphite products.

Shovel Ready

Has a plant design in place, no need for a tailing dam, and soft saprolite rock, ready for ramp up.

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